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  • Anna V. Leigh

6 Things You Didn't Know About the Romance & Dark Romance Genres

Hello, lovers! It's Anna. Today, I'm sharing a short and sweet list of trivia for all the romance readers out there.


Did you know that...?:

1. Romance is one of the oldest literary genres out there, dating back to 1740 with Samuel Richardson's publication of his (!) novel Pamela: or, Virtue Rewarded.

2. Today, romance is the world's most-read genre, outselling even science fiction and fantasy (sorry, Autumn!).

3. Every month, more than 63 million people read or listen to at least one romance novel. (Not bad for a genre they used to call "kissing books"!).

4. One of – if not the – first modern dark romance novel was published in 1974, and is called The Flame and the Flower.

5. Dark romances are all about conflict, challenge, and growth – about letting go of control and embracing your deepest, darkest desires.

6. Science tells us that reading steamy books can help you sleep better at night. So why not catch some feels – and catch some z's while you're at it?


That was fun! I hope you liked this lil post. See ya on the flip side!

With 💕,

Anna V. Leigh

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