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  • Autumn Stevens

A Curious Collection of Internet Oddities

Hello reader, how's it hangin'?

Today, I'm bringing the link love. This is a curious collection of interesting sites to visit when you're bored and want something different than your TBR list and Netflix. It's nice to mix things up sometimes for a change, don't you agree?

Now that summer's here and restrictions continue to loosen, everyone is out and about, except perhaps during stormy weather. So if you find yourself feeling aimless one rainy day, take your pick of any one of these websites to tinker with. I promise you that it's a fun and frivolous use of your time!

Note: This is an unsponsored post. Opinions are my own and curation is quirkily random.

  • Weave Silk - Does what it says on the box: Interactive generative art. Click on the screen and watch as your cursor weaves beautiful, silky designs sure to mesmerize.

  • Hubski - Let's face it, we're all still reeling from the after-effects of the pandemic, even as the world reopens. If you'd like to brush up on your social skills, then give this site a try. Conversation topics, interesting bits of news, and questions that will get them talking can be found here.

  • Ocearch: Facts Over Fear - Have you ever wondered where and what the sharks of the world are up to? No? Well, here's a neat way to find out anyway. You can follow the paths of these magnificent predatory fish straight from this website. They have biotags that help scientists learn more about them. Every shark has a story!

  • Eyebleach - Did you read or see something disturbing or otherwise triggering? Need something to figuratively rinse off your eyes? Then this site is for you. Click anywhere on the page to load a cute picture of a kitty-cat or puppy-dog. Guaranteed to lift your mood and restore peace of mind.

  • Hackertyper - Check out this cool website that simulates the hacking experience for us regular civilians. Simply start typing any keys you like and watch as the green-on-black text prefills with hacker-style code. No programming experience needed!

  • Habitica - For fans of swords and sorcery, there's this site and accompanying app. Gamify your day-to-day life with this fantasy-inspired to-do list. You can level up your character, collect coins, get neat stuff, and even hatch pets from eggs. A fun 8-bit experience with nostalgic vibes.

  • A Soft Murmur - This one also doubles as a productivity tool to help you focus when there's work to be done. Mix up a batch of ambient sounds, white noise, nature calls, and so on for any whim or mood you like.

Which of these sites did you like? Do you have any other sites or apps handy that you'd like to share? Let me know in the comments.

With 💕,


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