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by Anna V. Leigh


A young woman spies, seduces, steals, and scams—anything to win the heart of a Russian mobster.

Roxana is a university student living in Toronto. Her life takes a major turn when her boyfriend, Oleg, takes her out to a nightclub and summarily dumps her. On her birthday. What’s a Russian girl to do? From the experience, a different Roxana emerges. One who refuses to let life happen to her. One who stops at nothing to get what she wants.


From the moment she sees Anton, Roxana is smitten. Using her sleuthing and hacking skills, coupled with the tricks of seduction, she pursues the older man. And though a passionate romance is sparked between the two, Anton has secrets of his own. As Roxana tries to crack the mystery at the heart of Anton’s character, she gets a small but dangerous glimpse of the mafia underworld. And she wants in.


Follow a cast of anti-heroes, mafiosos, hitmen, petty thieves, and the living, breathing city of Toronto itself while Roxana searches for love in all the wrong places.


Will Roxana ever win her own happily ever after?


Or will her obsession with Anton turn out to be her downfall?

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